… coming back … of cyclops …

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… the coming back of cyclops, the manufacturers of Zeus lighting, in our cyclope spot light line …


The new projector line [gl_b]CYCLOPE[/gl_b] has been designed for outdoor applications and get it’s name from the single light source, the single round eye in the middle.

The single multi chip led is paired to a reflector and each projector has the emitting surface recessed respect to the lamp edge to reduce the glaring when floor or ground installed.

All the product family use white led 2700°K or 3000°K or 4000°K centered on the black body curve for the best pure white and color rendering of lighted objects. All CYCLOPE line has IP67 protection grade, suitable for outdoor installations. The CYCLOPE line is a 4W @350mA or 6W @500mA able to supply a maximum of 390lm in white.

[gl_post_list title=”CYCLOPE GROUND”]

Projector suitable for ground installation, using the outer case accesory, to light wall or signaling walkway.

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[gl_post_list title=”CYCLOPE SPRING”]

Projector suitable for ceiling installation using included springs without outer case. Anti glaring design in the front side.

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[gl_post_list title=”CYCLOPE STAND”]

Projector suitable to be installed on ceiling, wall or floor and able to be oriented to focus the light beam, supplied with front side anti glaring flange.

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