goooled illuminates the exhibition “Furniture Piccinato Antonio”

Arredamenti Piccinato Antonio” chooses goooled as a partner to design the lighting of a part of  its showroom. Through innovative design, quality of materials and in particular the quality of the warm glow of the goooled floodlights, Piccinato decides to install Odissy 12.

The new exhibition space of 400 square meters was then illuminated with Odissy 12 LED of 20W power consumption. The total power connected was 600W, saving energy by 80% over the previous lighting and significantly increasing the quality of light, emphasizing the harmony of pastel colors that distinguish their kitchens.

Thanks to the energy savings that will result in the short term, is expected to return the initial investment in less than 3 years.

Thanks Loretta and Loreno