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New appearance for goooled

New appearance for goooled. Grow to evolve and improve not only in products but also in appearance. A special thanks to Federica graphic designer who created this amazing solution. .

GIOTTO is an High-bay or what?

The GIOTTO industrial lamp is finally ready. Born from the collaboration and synergy with the company GIELLE PLAST in Pordenone ( which has made the moulds, the fixtures Giotto becomes a universal product with even an attractive design. Very compact size with built-in powersupply and the efficacy of goooled electronics…

New LED profile from 30W/m 4300lm/M

Installation of the new Lulin profile from 30W/m with ceiling-mounted installation. Simple and effective installation for an excellent result with an average illuminance of over 800 lux on the worktop. We used a high LED CRI 95 (those render index) for a unique result... Congratulations to our partner JD Design…

Play with heights

Wonderful this solution used to enhance the entrance to this private villa ... Ceiling with variable heights for a unique effect ..... Congratulations to the architect Tiziana Peccolo for the idea and thanks to using the goooled products   [envira-gallery id="19196"]

Private Villa

Another great light installation for a privately restored villa in a unique setting. Exquisite furnishings in an environment of Stone, Wood that led light makes it stand out.... Grazie Alessandra e Pierluigi [envira-gallery id="18794"]

Led sportLight

You have to illuminate a sports area with the new Led technology and you do not know how to do it? We design solutions for any type of indoor field with any coverage in compliance with UNI EN12193 Tennis, basketball, soccer, ECC ... Download our new sports equipment lighting brochure