SEA Elettronica, pcb assembly & more

The core of our products is the led, the design is something built around it, around the technology core, the lighting engine.
Every light engine you can find in our products has been designed high reliability and efficiency parts. For this reasons every product we manufact use onle CREE led and power supply circuits of high efficiency and reliability.
The core parts must be assembled at the end and every project must have an expert assembly team to be great. The assembly team have to move fast, immediatelly and correct any mistake happening during the communication from the technical department to the assembly supplier.
goooled choose, as assembler of led pcb, and in the future of power supplies too, the SEA Elettronica di Fossò, this company can move really fast and precise to fullfill the market requests.
SEA become a technological partner for goooled, not only a supplier as he not only assemble, he verify the informations, test the boards and improve the customer experience.