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tecnoinfisso new showroom

Tecnoinfisso company, located in Villa Lagarina, is a producer of home fixtures, they choose [gl] to light their new showroom and offices. The technical proposal from [gl] team has been focues on using products from [gl_r]odissy[/gl_r] family, as [gl_r]odissy track 230vac[/gl_r] and [gl_b]odissy ghost[/gl_b] and the suspension light [gl_b]tekno[/gl_b].

[gl_post_list title=”THE SHOWROOM”]

To light the products showroom we use the [gl_r]odissy track 230vac[/gl_r] projector, the use of a track give much modularity and the possibility to organize the lamp disposal every time differently depending of product arrangement. To install the odissy tracks has been used some building structural elements using some accessories custom designed by [gl].

[gl_post_img width=400 image=”https://www.goooled.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/IMG_3416.jpg”]

The light fixtures could be moved depending on the products arrangement inside the showroom.

[gl_post_img width=400 image=”https://www.goooled.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/IMG_3455.jpg”]
[gl_post_list title=”THE OFFICES”]

Developing the technical solution for the offices area [gl] use [gl_r]odissy ghost[/gl_r] to have a basic lighting for the working environment.

The use of a recessed fixture has been ueful to have an obtrusive solution with a nice look and feel and an high visual comfort, having a low glaring. The fixture can be adjusted to be focused on an area or an object requiring more light.

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Having to light desktop too we have to be compliant with lighting rules for working environment and particulary when installing over desks with video terminal stations.

To be completely compliant with these requirements we choose the suspension solution [gl_b]tekno[/gl_b]. The suspended lamp present a dual emission of light, major of it is focused downside.
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