The configurations

Single Field 4 poles
Single Field 6 poles
Double Field 4 poles
Double Field 6 poles

The Regulations

We design and implement according to the norm the best illumination for every situation. Starting from the amateur categories to the professional ones with the presence of television footage where high illuminance values are required. Most amateur circles are however poorly lit with average illuminance values below the 200lux where for a good game at least 300/400lux are required for optimum viewing. Unfortunately the discharge lamps commonly used for this type of lighting have very rapid decays and therefore already after 3/4 months from the substitution of the bulbs, the loss of flow is already visible with the naked eye. With LED technology This decay is not so rapid.

We can do a lot more

For any other field configuration the goooled team designs and recalculates the best solution, also for all the common parts, changing rooms, reception etc...






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