Our dream: a [gl_b]brand, a firm[/gl_b] and products based on our [gl_r]ethics: ‘don’t be evil’.[/gl_r]

[gl_r]‘don’t be evil’[/gl_r] has lot of implications for us, leading to the idea of [gl]. Our compoany’s mission is the development of new application in the lighting world, strongly commited to foster energy saving (environment friendly) but focusing on the products design. This idea (pgilosophy) blends together art with technology, [gl_b]rationality[/gl_b] and [gl_r]sensibility[/gl_r] word together to create the product and the firm.

Our corporate mission is reflected by our network. [gl] shares its ideas, technologies and experiences with [gl_r]international partners[/gl_r], enhancing their improvement and fostering the export of [gl_r]‘made in italy’[/gl_r] products because we believe that everyone will take advantage from cooperation and mutual exchange.

Our covers are a [gl_b]praise[/gl_b] to [gl_r]immagination[/gl_r] and [gl_r]creativity[/gl_r], to the easy way in wich children (who are our designer) face the world. Taking it lightly allows us to have a better perspective, looking for the best solutions without rational constraints: we are able to manage our business network properly, improving our relationships with partners, customers and the entire reality we are in. [gl_r]It’s a different way of thinking …[/gl_r]