The new products catalogue 1/2014

[gl] would like to offer you the new products catalogue, ready in the electronic version: [download id=”8406″]

The new products catalogue add several new product family to let [gl] offer a set of solutions suitable for most lighting requirement in industrial, commercial and house installations.

[gl_post_list title=”Below some news on our catalogues”]

[gl_r]globe[/gl_r]: the odissy frame now for recessed installation and able to come out and be oriented

[gl_r]nba[/gl_r]: our recessed products with best price efficency ratio today complete the product range from low power to high power offering a full set of fixed and adjustable solutions

[gl_r]nba[/gl_r]: we introduce 3 new square products: nets tiny, nets e suns trimless for recessed installation (can be adapted to flanged solution and installed with spring) for diffused light

[gl_r]wally[/gl_r]: the new stop light family for indoor applications

[gl_r]spartan[/gl_r]: this new product family for recessed installation has been designed to substitute traditional AR111 modules and is an evolution of ghost and spring solution

[gl_r]olympo[/gl_r]: this completely new product family now offer many different solutions for outdoor lighting from step light to wall wash solutions

[gl_r]shuttle[/gl_r]: in the industrial family we introduce two new products for industrial lighting genesis a solution for linear lighting and T8 lamps substitution and galileo to substitute 60×60 modules