Proper lighting for both indoor and outdoor tennis courts requires knowledge in the specific design. It is not enough to install a simple Led projector

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The luminous efficiency of the Led technology is increasing, allowing to design lighting fixtures of high power. Now there are no more limits, with the possibility to choose projectors from 300W 600W and 900W to replace traditional lighting devices with discharge up to 2000W  

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How many gyms, arenas, private or state are poorly lit. Today it is possible with a specific lighting to achieve excellent results, with significant energy savings that can be found easily in the electricity bills. It's time to switch to LED! 

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Our services include

Field inspection

We come to check the situation!!! We perform the survey to carry out the measurements of the current lux levels and then proceed correctly to the lighting simulation

Free Lighting Simulation

Before proceeding the quotation we carry out various lighting simulations to verify the attainment of the level of illumination necessary in compliance with the regulations inherent to the sport lighting UNI-EN 1219300 and to choose the product of more suitable lighting.

Possibility to include the installation

Don't you have a trusted installer? Do you want the complete package, supplying lamps and installation..... don't worry, let's think about your us...

possibility to access the rental operating

 The possibility to access the "Operating rental" is the solution to finance the transaction paying a minimum monthly instalment every month. At the end of the contract lasting from 12 to 60 months you are the owner of the asset to 100%.  

Calculation of Payback

We can calculate with extreme precision the energy savings that you can obtain after replacing the lamps with the Led technology... Significant savings every month and you'll notice it in your bill.

5 Year Product warranty

Well yes..... goooled being a manufacturer of luminaires is able to guarantee its products giving a warranty of 5 years.  possibility to extend the warranty to 10 years by joining the LED Revolution Program....