From a customer request, a design, a product TEKNO

Tekno 30

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The new prodct line TEKNO has been designed by [gl], to fullfill to a customer requirement. The capability of [gl] to move fast, to recipe all the customer lighting requirements and designer idea let us develop the lamp in very short time, defining a custom product from scratch.

The company TECNOINFISSO s.r.l. choose to upgrade it’s showroom to led, choosing our projector line Odissy, for it’s energy efficency, maintenance free, reduced environment heating (that traditional halogen lamps) and for sur for it’s particular design suitable of a piece of furniture.

The customer choose to extend the upgrading to led technology to offices too, usually lighted only by fluorescent lamps. We implement the customer rand the designer in charge of the interior decoration requests to design with the usual quick service of [gl] a lamp suitable for these technical and design requirements TEKNO 30

This is the new product line TEKNO, a blade of light suitable to light working area, desks a lamp that project thre light on the operating area to meet current required lighting levels with the maximum efficency, but using it top light emission can emit a diffused light in all the room, giving a soft lighting feeling.

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The TEKNO line will be suspended using it’s suspension kit, included. The TEKNO 30 has a power of 45W, it’s avaiable in different led color like warm and neutral and soon will be avaiable in different length and power.