… shuttle … a new challenge

[gl_post_cit rif=”John F. Kennedy – Houston, Texas – 12 septembre 1962″]

… we choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, [gl_b]not[/gl_b] because they are [gl_b]easy[/gl_b], but because [gl_r]they are hard[/gl_r] …


The idea to use led to really LIGHT start some years ago, when everyone use led just for lighting effects without considering the possibility to use it to really LIGHT, to substitute traditional lighting technology present on the market at that time. At that time many companies, in the lighting market were used to think “is not possible to use led to substitute sodium or metal halide, too complicated, too difficult”, the [gl] team start to study these problems, start to think like JFK in the above citation, using the led avaiable by CREE inc start to [gl_r]LIGHT REALLY[/gl_r], start to study solutions for street lighting, for industrial and commercial lighting.

The experiences of that time are now implemented and improved inside our [gl_b]”shuttle program”[/gl_b] (the challenge is less than NASA one, but is a challenge).

Inside this development program we design different product types, all products share the same features [gl_r]substitute[/gl_r] traditional lighting sources [gl_r]saving costs[/gl_r] sometime over 50% of energy and 90% of maintenance, allowing the customers to have a short ROI and reducing the environmental weight (in energy consumption and e-waste)

[gl_post_list title=”VOYAGER”]

Asymetric projector suitable for outdoor lighting.

[gl_post_img width=400 image=”https://www.goooled.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/310018l-e1359120239734.jpg”]

Suitable to light: parkings from 6m or over, buildings wall.

Substituting outdoor projector with power up to 400w using sodium or metal halide lamps.

The 54 led model consume about 100w of power and is expandable to 108 led with 200w power consumption.

[gl_post_list title=”VOYAGER HB”]

Suspended projector for high-bay (over 6m height installation) to light big surfaces indoor or outdoor.

[gl_post_img width=400 image=”https://www.goooled.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/310262-1-e1359120258467.jpg”]

Suitable in warehouses, factories working area, optical solution optimized for installation over 6m height.

At 8m or 10m height the performances when installed in a grid with a pitch of 8m lamp to lamp is 220 lux average with uniformiti of 0.8.

[gl_post_img width=400 image=”https://www.goooled.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/310262l-e1359120275824.jpg”]
[gl_post_list title=”DISCOVERY”]

Lamps designed to substitute traditional fluorescent lamps 2x58w (T8) or 2x36w (T5).

[gl_post_img width=400 image=”https://www.goooled.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/201436l-e1359120292763.jpg”]

Ready for ceiling installation, suspended or track installed at maximum 6m height using a reflector system satisfying the anti glaring rules of working environment (dark light optics).

IP grade 55.